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Merging Forward

In the midst of the upheaval of a merger or acquisition, those who intend to thrive must mine both organizations’ cultures for treasure—and preserve the bounty. Mergers and acquisitions can be powerful tools for boosting the economic success of companies. But the outcomes of these deals are determined long after managing board members have signed the papers […]

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Acting between the poles of organization and profession

Why Medical Affairs in Pharma acts strange sometimes.   The medical affairs department fulfills a special purpose in pharmaceutical companies. As boundary spanners to doctors and the scientific community, medical affairs personnel e.g. ensure both the necessary flow of information about and adequate participation in crucial studies of new and existing drugs. These staffers are […]

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Power games will not vanish due to increased transparency through data – they will shift!

Algorithms are currently already performing a plethora of complex tasks for us. But will they one day also make real decisions for us? Armed forces are already investing billions in artificial intelligence (AI) which can identify targets and fly aircraft independently. The Australian government has its outgoing welfare payments checked by software and reclaimed if […]

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Informal loopholes don’t disappear when data comes into play

  Talking about the merits of big data often means emphasizing increased transparency, efficiency and a frictionless way of getting things done. This emphasis is sometimes accompanied by the desire to reveal hidden, informal structures that develop in the absence of a perfect representation of formal processes, namely the informality of an organization. These hidden […]

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“More data = more rationality” – We disagree!

    The proposition ‘More data = more rationality – we disagree’ is the first out of four propositions on ‘when data hits the organization’. We developed the propositions following our discussion with Thomas Ramge on Big Data and its role in capitalism. All propositions combine data and data-driven effects with the core business of […]

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Organizing discourses

When data hits the organization Thomas Ramge joined us for our international Strategy Meeting at Metaplan to discuss the socio-political effects of big data, having debated the matter with his co-author, Oxford Professor Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, in their bestseller, “Reinventing Capitalism in the Age of Big Data”. Ramge’s talk provided much food for thought regarding the […]

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Conditional Interaction

  Compliance is often perceived as impeding interaction. Better go the extra mile of involving compliance early on. Dealing with risks and side effects in a responsible way is everyday practice in the pharmaceutical industry. That said, the risk of violating compliance regulations pervades the industry to a much greater extent than most others. New […]

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Progress and Challenges for Hematology Centers and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

In recent years, a number of promising therapeutic approaches have been developed for multiple myeloma (MM). What challenges do they pose for medical specialists and research companies? Oncologist Prof. Dr. Heinz Ludwig (HL), head of the Wilhelminian Cancer Research Institute, Vienna, in conversation with Dr. Thomas Schnelle (TS), Partner at Metaplan.   TS: Over the […]

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Shaping a Company’s Culture

When a company is in turmoil, its real problems are often linked to its organizational mechanisms and dynamics. That’s when a closer look at its culture is crucial, Yardane Niessink (YN) explains. In a recent project, Metaplan was hired to help a client reduce employee turnover, but quickly discovered that the problems were more fundamental. […]

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